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The specialty of UAV application and maintenance introduction

The specialty of UAV application and maintenance specializes in training high quality skilled talents as mechanics, technicians and manipulating technicians engaged in UAV manufacturing, manipulation and maintenance, who should be master professional knowledge and skills of UAV manufacturing, manipulation and repair and oriented to the first line of these fields.

The specialty of UAV application and maintenance can not only be oriented to the public security anti-terrorism, emergency rescue, urban road traffic management, highway condition inspection, agricultural plant protection, agricultural and forestry diseases and insect pests detection and control, electric line patrol and erecting, oil pipeline line patrol and other industries, but also facing the industries such as aerial photography digital remote sensing, land resources survey surveying and mapping, water resources investigation, environmental monitoring, film and television shooting and so on. What’s more, the students can also be trained for UAV training, UAV education, news live broadcast and other industries. After graduation, the students can not only engage in UAV design, research and development, manufacture and maintenance, but also engage in UAV flight operation, industry application operation, UAV sales and marketing, UAV flight training education and so on. The employment direction is very wide, the salary for graduates is very generous, which is much higher than that of graduates with the same class educational background.
The specialty of UAV application and maintenance takes 3 years and recruits senior high school graduates or graduates with same education background.


Hawk Eye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
The forerunner of school enterprise corporation of UAV major!


The Hawk Eye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is the only national high-tech enterprise which focuses on the development of the integrated police UAV system, the system focuses on the integration of "reconnoiter, attack, control, rescue and communication". The company is committed to providing more professional and comprehensive police UAV system and solutions to the public security, which according to the concept of “research and development in application and improved in actual combat".

In recent years,Hawk Eye Technology actively responds to the need to encourage the establishment of UAV specialty in middle and higher vocational schools and to expand the cooperation between school and enterprise, actively exploring and practicing the cooperation  of UAV major in technical colleges and universities, which has made great breakthroughs and accumulated rich experience.

Hawk Eye Technology takes the cooperation way of packaging service for UAV specialty in colleges, providing a comprehensive solution to the colleges in specialty declaration and setting, joint enrollment, joint teaching, full platform employment recommendation, and the external promotion of the UAV specialty. The cooperation depends on the support of Secondary Vocational Schools Joint Enrollment and Education Association, and organizations such as UAV Application Alliance, UAV Industry Association, UAV Industrial Alliance and other organizations should be used to build a comprehensive personnel training and output platform from enrolment, teaching to employment.
School enterprise corporation for UAV specialty, we will go further!