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Hawkeye in World Drone Exhibition

Update:HAWK EYE   Time:2018年06月25日  
On June 22nd, the 3rd Shenzhen World Drone Conference and Exhibition opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Hawk Eye Technology, as the vice president unit of Shenzhen UAV Industry Association, brought the latest research and development wearable soilder UAV combat systems, tilt-rotor drones and other new types of police drones participated in the exhibition, and gathered together with representatives of drone companies and industry experts from all over the world to seek UAV industry's booming.

Shenzhen World Drone Conference is currently the largest drone exhibition in China, bringing together the latest technological achievements from the global drone field, providing the best platform for Chinese and foreign drone companies to develop regional markets. At the machine industry event, Hawkeye Technology won high recognition in the industry for its excellent product strength and high sense of industry responsibility, and won the "World Lions Award Golden Lion Award".

At the exhibition, the Hawkeye stood out among the many police drone companies with its wearable soilder UAV combat system and tilting rotor drone, which attracted great attention from the participants. Customers have stopped to watch, listen to the staff to do a detailed explanation, and some have expressed their intention to cooperate on the spot.


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