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Hawkeye on The 9th Police Equipment Expo

Update:HAWK EYE   Time:2018年05月20日  
The ninth China International Police Equipment Expo, which lasted four days, has successfully closed. Looking back on the grand occasion in the past few days, the "three-machine-one-car" police drone overall solution, as well as the wearable single-armed drone combat system at the forefront of technology, made Eagle Eye Technology one of the exhibitions. The highlights were highly regarded by the participants. Here, Hawkeye Technology appreciates the care of leaders at all levels, thanks to the recognition of new and old customers, thanks to the support of media friends, and thanks to every eagle eye for not forgetting the original heart.
Next, please follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to review the wonderful moments during the Hawkeye Science and Technology Expo:
Leaders inspect and guide at all levels
In the four days of the Police Expo, the Eagle Eye Technology booth welcomed important leaders at all levels and became the strongest driving force for Hawkeye Technology to continue to focus on the police market and dig deep into the industry.
On the evening of May 17, Yingyan Technology, as one of the more than ten representatives of more than 500 exhibitors from the Police Expo, made a special report to the central leaders. At 19:30, the Eagle Eye Technology booth welcomed important guests - member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Central Political and Legal Committee Guo Shengyu, State Councilor, member of the State Council Party Committee, Minister of Public Security, Party Secretary Zhao Kezhi, Commander of the Armed Police Force, Central Political and Legal Affairs Committee member Wang Ning and other leaders and his party.
Xu Jing, founder of Hawk Eye Technology, Fan Yongfei, general manager, and Hu Chenghao, executive deputy general manager, reported the basic situation of Hawkeye Technology and the progress made in recent years to the leaders, and reported in detail the specifics of Hawkeye technology products in the public security field. application. The leaders fully affirmed the achievements of Hawkeye Technology and hope that Hawkeye Technology will further advance the in-depth application of public security and better serve the actual combat and social and economic development of the police.
On May 15th, members of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, Assistant Minister Wang Hao, and Deputy Director of the Police Aviation Office of the Ministry of Public Security, Liu Daolin and Shi Jin, successively visited the Eagle Eye Technology booth to inspect and guide the Hawk Eye booth.

(Wang Jian, member of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security and assistant to the minister, listened to Xu Jing, the founder of Eagle Eye Technology, to explain the Hawkeye products.)


Domestic and foreign guests visit the Eagle Eye booth
During the police fair, the Hawkeye booth welcomed many domestic and foreign guests. After the staff explained the overall solution of the police drone, they showed great interest in the program and the new products of the Hawkeye.


New and old customers are coming
During the exhibition, the Eagle Eye Technology booth was in the market, and welcomed many new and old customers. After listening to the staff's explanation, many customers praised the Hawkeye solution and technology highlights and expressed their intention to cooperate on the spot.


Industry media scramble to interview
Since its inception, Hawkeye Technology has been at the forefront of the police drone industry. At the current police fair, the newly released wearable individual UAV combat system was highly praised by the industry media. Mr. Fan Yongfei, the general manager of Hawkeye Technology , was interviewed by many media.

(General Manager Fan Yingfei of Hawk Eye Technology was interviewed by the media)


Thanks to every Hawk Eye person
The growth and achievements of the eagle eye cannot be separated from the recognition of people from all walks of life, and it is also inseparable from the persistence of every eagle eye person who does not forget the initial heart. Years of accumulation, preparations for the month, four days of persistence, only to let more people see the good products and good programs of the Hawkeye, we are willing to use the drone industry to flourish, and we are willing to solve the pains of public security Reduce the casualties of police officers and make due contributions. On the road to growth, Hawkeye Technology will not forget the original heart and move on!

(Hawk Eye Technology leaders and employees explain to customers)

Thanks to people from all walks of life for their long-term recognition and support of Hawkeye Technology! As the pioneer and master of modular police drones, Hawkeye will continue to focus on the deep development and application of police drones, providing police with more suitable military drones and integrated solutions. . We believe that only by focusing can we achieve professionalism!

In 2020, the 10th China International Police Equipment Expo, Hawkeye Technology is looking forward to meeting you again!