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Happy news! HawkEye Technology is certified by “National High-Tech Enterprise”

Update:HAWK EYE   Time:2017年01月13日  

Recently, Hawk Eye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise audit and obtained the certificate of “High-tech Enterprise”; the certificate was from Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department, Hebei Provincial Department of Finance, Hebei Provincial State Taxation Bureau and Hebei Province Local Taxation. The bureau issued jointly. According to the regulations, only when the core indicators such as the proportion of R&D investment, the proportion of high-tech products, and the ability to innovate in technology meet certain conditions can this award be won. The selection of a national high-tech enterprise is undoubtedly an affirmation of Hawkeye's continuous innovation capability in the development of police drone systems. Hawk Eye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is China's top provider of integrated police drone systems for “inspecting, playing, managing, controlling, saving and communicating”. The company adheres to the product development and research ideas of “service actual combat, research and development in actual combat, improvement in application”, and is committed to providing professional aviation police drone systems and solutions for police aviation industry that are close to the actual police and solve the blind spots of public security work. .