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Ground control platform

Ground command and control vehicle (Mercedes Benz & Ford)

The ground command and control vehicle chassis of Hawkeye UAV is Jiangling Quanshun or Ford Benz. The whole vehicle integrates take-off ejection system, police superposition system, image transmission system, joystick control system, digital transmission system, quick charging system, data post-processing system, automatic tracking system, flight control system, Hawkeye online system, three-machine one-station system, three-dimensional photographic system etc., mainly used for remote operation and command of three UAVs and many task modules; the system is highly integrated with the public security business, and can quickly get into the public security command and combat system. The rear compartment of the command vehicle can be loaded with a fixed-wing UAV, a tethered six-rotor UAV, a motorized six-rotor UAV, and a variety of task loads; the inside of the car is equipped with a command table, and 6 meeting seats and 1operating seat besides the driving seat, and can be modified according to the use’s requirements. 

Ground command and control vehicle (pick up)

This vehicle integrates fixed wing takeoff system, flight control system, command and communication system, automatic loading transport system, take-off and landing platform, etc., has high integration, complete function, full intelligent control and other characteristics, can be integrated to meet the UAV command and control, loading and transportation.



Motorcycle UAV command system

Motorcycle UAV command system integrates police motorcycle, UAV system, mission equipment system and tethered power supply system. It is a portable and maneuverable air intelligence police platform, which is specially designed for the anti terrorism department of the city.

The motorcycle UAV command system is flexible and rapid response, which is drove by single soldier, especially suitable for large-scale activities such as security emergency treatment. Combining with the UAV system, reconnaissance system, propaganda system, lighting system, as well as tethered power supply system, it can achieve continuous surveillance, propaganda, night lighting and other functions even in the congested road.


Wearable single soldier UAV combat system

Wearable single soldier UAV combat system integrates UAV, tactical vest, tactical glove, single eye AR glasses. By wearing a tactical glove with various of sensors, the operator can control UAV by single hand gestures without relying on the remote control. At the same time, through tactical vest and AR glasses, the UAV can make following fly and send the reconnaissance picture to the operators’ glasses in the real time. This provide a following “eye in the sky” to the soldier, and help to get real-time intelligence support.