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Function Modules

30 times optical zoom high definition camera

Use professional level custom machine core, mount three axis cloud platform, can execute the day detection, tracking, monitoring and other tasks. Anti-shake, anti-vibration, the zoom can up to 360 times. 


Infrared imaging camera

Vanadium oxide movement hardware, which can reflect the temperature difference of one thousandth degrees centigrade, can be found investigation targets in night, rain, snow, smoke, camouflage, dense jungle.

Aerial laser blinding device

Can quickly make the target dazzle, dizzy, temporarily blind, lose resistance ability, and the vision after a period of time can return to normal, won’t cause permanent damage; It can be used to carry out anti-terrorist anti-riot missions and deal with emergencies.

Air noise dispersing device

By transmitting low frequency noise, the illegal aggregation of people can not stay in the same area for a long time, can effectively disperse the illegal assembly crowd within 200 meters, which is the sharp weapon to deal with group events.

Aerial searchlight

The maneuverability and multi angle transformation of the UAV are used to continuously illuminate the illuminate the target area and enhance the ability of night fighting.

Multi purpose air throwing device

Can carry all kinds of loads, UAV can fly over the targeted area in the first time, pinpointing the long range target via remote visual pointing system. Locate accurate, drop distance far, can be used to launch fire extinguishing bombs, flyers and rescue materials and so on. 

Air calling device

The sound quality is clear, the volume is large, the coverage is wide, and the anti-interference is strong. It is suitable for the large-scale event security and the mass incidents disposal.


Air communication relay system

By using the advantages and maneuverability of UAV, the communication dead angle caused by ground physical obstacles can be avoided, and the communication relay function can be provided, which is suitable for transmission and transmission of audio and video data for communication relay blind area.


Air net launcher

When catch the dangerous criminal suspects, can be launched net from the air, skynet open can reach more than 20 square meters, avoid investigators close to the dangerous criminals, and ensure the safety of investigators.



Anti UAV system

Forced landing or anti-aircraft “black fly” and illegal flying unmanned aerial vehicles, supporting unmanned aerial vehicle control of large security and large conference activities; the UAV defense of the important military places and the prison area and other important units and security agencies.

Air 38mm general emitter

Can launch standard 38mm tear gas, detonation bomb, smoke bomb, pain ball, dye bomb, flash bomb, blinding shell, etc.,loaded 6, with a visual aiming system, can be precise strike against a single or cluster target.

Aerial explosive search device

The suspected explosive area can carry out remote aerial search, use safe and fast speed, high efficiency, and avoid casualties, especially for homemade bombs and mines, more for anti-terrorism anti-riot combat.

Tethered power supply system

UAV with continuous power supply for hours via high-voltage DC wire transmission from ground station or on-board power supply can hover at high altitude to conduct continuous surveillance for tens of hours and change hovering position at anytime.

4G real time transmission system

Through 4G signal, the real audio and video signal captured on site will be transmitted back to command center screen, which will be convenient for leaders to remote dispatch, command or formulate operational plan.


Water surface lifesaving device

The unique high-pressure projection design and the use of airborne image transmission  targeting system can remotely deliver the buoy (water to air ) to the rescue target.


3D photography system

By carrying multiple cameras on the same flight platform, and collecting images from five different angles at the same time, such as one vertical, four slopes, through the form a complete set of 3D modeling software, the image results can be directly used to measure height, length, area, angle, slope, and generate three-dimensional model.