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UAV platform

Ejection fixed wing UAV

Hawkeye ejection fixed wing UAV is long-endurance, long distance fixed wing reconnaissance vehicle, with maximum endurance of 115 minutes, available to be equipped with HD real-time video transmission system, with maximum transmission distance of 22 kilometers; it is also available to be equipped police thermal imager, which will provider HD pictures via thermal infrared imaging, so as to fulfill the around-the-clock aerial reconnaissance mission.

Wingspan 2100mm
The plane length 1370mm
Standard takeoff weight 7100g
Payload 1500g
Maximum level flight speed 110km/h
Maximum endurance 115min
Equipments in UAV 1080P HD camera and military level thermal imager
Take-off mode Ejection, equipped with the ability to launch vehicles on the move
Recovery mode Parachute landing/Runway landing
Wind resistance grade Level 6
Control mode Fully autonomous /wireless remote control
Track/Altitude accurancy ±2m/±5m
Communication distance 22km
Assembly time Using fast pluggable structure, assembly time is less than 2 minutes.

Vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing UAV (Electric/Oil)

Hawkeye vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing UAV (Electric/Oil) effectively combined advantages of multi-rotor and fixed wing, has the characteristics of convenient takeoff and landing, high flight altitude etc., especially suitable for high altitude area border patrol at, mountain fugitive manhunt, highway patrol etc.


Maximum cruising distance 200km/500km
Maximum payload 2kg/5kg
Maximum ceiling 3500m/5500m
Wingspan 2.8m/3.6m
Storage volume 1500mm×300mm×400mm/2000mm×500mm×600mm
Maximum endurance 2h/6h
Safeguard procedures
Automatic return
Automatic landing
Low voltage protection;abnormal posture protection; abnormal height protection; low accuracy of GPS positioning protection, fault protection of integrated navigation system; beyond maximum control radius protection; communication interrupt timeout protection; protection measures for automatic safeguard procedures are automatic return, automatic landing and so on.

Tethered six-rotor UAV

It is a heavy load and Tethered six rotor UAV. Relying on the tethered power supply equipment, the effective endurance time is more than 24 hours, effectively overcoming the short time defects of the electric UAV, the maximum load is 13 kilograms, and it has  various of task mounting interfaces to realize the function expansion. It is mainly used for the tasks of law enforcement, such as counter terrorism, security and stability, traffic guidance, and stereo  prevention and control.



Setup mode  Folding the arms
Maximum takeoff weight  25.54kg
Maximum load 13.15kg
Wheelbase  1382mm
Maximum endurance  61min
Maximum flight speed  66.5km/h
Wind resistance grade  ≧level 7
Extension mileage  20km
Effective measurement and control distance  10km
Track control accuracy  ±2.5m/2.0m (horizontal/ vertical)
Practical lift height  ≧2000m
Actual use height  ≧400m
Rain proof ability  Fly 30min in the rain (2mm/min)
Spread time  0.7min
Time to replace the battery and wing paddle  0.3min/2.5min
Setup size  1520mm×610mm×285mm
Noise  58.2dB(A)@40m 

Motorized six-rotor UAV

It is a multi functional six rotor UAV. Through the rapid replacement of different modules, it can realize many functions such as day and night reconnaissance, warning and shouting, search and lighting, fixed-point throwing, lifesaving, noise dispelling and so on. It greatly expands the multi function of the UAV platform. One machine is versatile and has good performance price ratio and actual combat. Adaptability; it is mainly used for law enforcement duties such as counter-terrorism, security, traffic, and stereo prevention and control. 


Setup mode Folding the arms
Maximum takeoff weight 10.3kg
Maximum load 3.5kg
Wheelbase 975mm
Maximum endurance 47min
Maximum flight speed 74km/h
Wind resistance grade ≧level 6
Extension mileage 11.2km
Effective measurement and control distance 5.5km
Track control accuracy ±2.5m/2.0m (horizontal/ vertical)
Practical lift height ≧1500m
Actual use height ≧300m
Rain proof ability Fly 30min in the rain (2mm/min)
Spread time 0.7min
Time to replace the battery and wing paddle 0.3min/2.5min
Setup size 1170mm×600mm×270mm
Noise ≦56dB(A)@40m