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Hawkeye Technology unveiled "Police UAV Technology Achievements Exchange Conference"

Update:HAWK EYE   Time:2016年12月30日  

Approved by the Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology Information Bureau, sponsored by the Science and Technology Information Bureau of Hebei Provincial Public Security Department, China UAV Industry Alliance, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei UAV Industry Alliance, Hebei UAV Industry Association, Shenzhen UAV Industry Association The "Military UAV Technical Achievements Exchange Meeting" co-organized was held in the Hanghang Industrial Park in Licheng District, Shijiazhuang from December 27th to 29th. Nearly 200 public security representatives from 26 provinces and cities across the country and representatives of many outstanding drone companies Participating, Hawk Eye Technology brought "three machines and one car", a variety of drone combat modules, nine police application system wonderful appearance, became the focus of this exchange.

Mr. Xu Jing, General Counsel of Hawkeye Technology, as a police drone expert in China, a member of the drafting group of the police drone industry standard, and an inventor of the Hawkeye police UAV, with the "multi-functional police drone in police The topic of “practical application in the war” gave a wonderful lecture for the public security representatives from across the country. He used vivid examples to explain the basic characteristics of the multi-functional police UAV and its specific application in police actual combat. Xu Jing also asked the police how to choose the drone model and model. The very professional advice was given on how to coordinate the operation, which was widely praised by the students.

 Hawkeye Technology is China's top provider of integrated police drone systems for “inspecting, playing, managing, controlling, saving and communicating”.

Since its inception, Hawkeye Technology has been solving the practical problems of public security as a research and development direction. Over the years, the R&D team from the public security criminal investigation, public security and other fields has taken the responsibility of providing “three-dimensional” solutions to all kinds of police. Combining the first-hand practical experience in various large-scale case investigations, we have developed a variety of police The police drone system, which is responsible for 23 police operations in reconnaissance, disposal and combat, is the leading leader in the field of police drones in China.

In recent years, with the strong support of the Ministry of Public Security and local public security organs, Hawk Eye Technology actively participates in the management of various industries of the Ministry of Public Security and local public security organs, and participates in the formulation of China's police drone industry standards and police unmanned aerial vehicles. The fifth plan was written to build China's first police UAV joint laboratory, and it was also the only selected UAV project unit in the 2015 public security scientific and technological achievements trial list, and the Ministry of Public Security police equipment procurement finalists, and won the national high-tech Enterprise Certification.

Since its birth, the Hawk Eye UAV has been widely used in public security combat. So far, it has participated in the investigation of major cases such as the drug-making case of Guangdong Lufeng Boshe Village and the riot case of Aksu in Xinjiang, and normalized the implementation of the national ban on drug bans. Police duties such as traffic patrols and forest fire prevention are highly praised by users.