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Hawk Eye Technology won the third Hebei Industrial Design Award

Update:HAWK EYE   Time:2017年11月14日  

On November 14th, in the third Hebei Industrial Design Awards judging activity, Hawk Eye Technology won the prestigious award of the Industrial Design Award (Product Design Group), which added a strong color to the company's scientific research and innovation.


Hawkeye Technology's work in the review event is "Multifunctional Police UAV and Wearable Gesture Control System". The system was developed to solve the individual combat requirements, breaking through the original remote control mode. The operator can control the aircraft through gestures, and can also monitor the flight status of the aircraft in real time on the ground station plate, and can pass the monocular. The display glasses can see the reconnaissance image of the drone in real time, thereby achieving the purpose of individual combat, easy use, and lowering the operation threshold. The system consists of three parts: industrial-grade police drone, gesture control system and multi-function mounting module. It can complete all the functions of the traditional remote control mode, and also joins the functions of synchronous planning route, pointing flight, automatic follow-up and so on. . 



Since its inception, Hawkeye Technology has always attached great importance to scientific research, and has invested a large amount of money to develop more closely related police drone products and solutions. This multi-functional police drone and wearable gesture control system participated in the selection activity, accurately targeting the development direction of police drones, and proposing the concept of “multi-function” and “wearing”. On the one hand, it is completely close to actual combat. Demand, on the other hand, conforms to the current development trend of artificial intelligence technology; this time, it can be recognized by the review experts.